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Virtual Sessions – Privates, Group Series, Continuing Education and more

Private Sessions

Our sessions are now 100% virtual and open for scheduling. Experience the same dedicated and specialized programming from your regular instructor in the comfort of your home. Work alongside our instructors to receive personalized corrections and cues tailored to your goals.

We offer private Pilates, yoga, bodywork, and our specialized programs in the following areas: prenatal, postnatal, scoliosis, osteoporosis, post-surgical, post-injury, injury prevention, and athletic conditioning.

We customize our sessions with your equipment availability at home, or provide recommendations to prepare your home studio

Email info@erikabloom.com for more information and to reserve your appointments

Virtual Group Series

Erika Bloom Method Foundations (Virtual Series):

Restore radiance, length and beautiful strength to your whole body as wellness expert Erika Bloom guides you through a transformative 3 week (6 session) intensive.
In each one hour session, you will learn to forge connections deep within your physiology through challenging movements that are slow, controlled and full of nourishing breath.
This mindful breath and movement practice offers an opportunity for true self care as you’ll learn to re-pattern your nervous system, enhance your digestion and immunity, and release tension you may be holding in your musculature, fascia and organs.

As a result, you’ll experience greater function and ease through long lasting changes in your body’s biomechanics and posture.

A live Q&A will follow every class to ask Erika your questions. All 6 sessions will be recorded and available for 24 hours so that you can access them on your own time, or practice again.

Starting Monday, June 8th | Mondays & Wednesdays at 11:00 am EST |
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Back Care (Virtual Series):

Join us for a 3-week (6 session) virtual series curated to alleviate back pain led by our in-house Physical Therapist and Pilates instructor, Elizabeth Harding. She will teach you releases you can do at home to manage pain, as well as exercises to re-pattern your movements so that your body moves efficiently, without pain, and with grace and ease. Whether your back pain is related to an injury, has been chronic, or is something new you’re experiencing working from home, these tools will change the way that you sit, stand and move throughout your day.

Starting Tuesday, June 9th | Tuesday’s & Thursday’s at 12:00pm EST |
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Advanced Education Workshop Series

We are very excited to share that we will now be offering Virtual Advanced Education Workshops for Pilates Instructors! Join our expert team of instructors to explore how to expand your understanding of planning safe, progressive exercises for clients. In our first Advanced Education Workshop Series, the specific areas of focus are: Scoliosis and Back Pain.

Advanced Education Workshop: Back Pain

Dates: Recordings available June 15th Live Q&A: TBA
Cost: $500
Instructor: Elizabeth Harding

Taught by Erika Bloom Instructors, this workshop will provide an in depth exploration of the common causes of back pain. We will also explore how advanced Pilates instruction can be used to manage these conditions in a safe and progressive manner. This workshop will also include a review of spinal anatomy, Pilates assessment, and exercise selection with progressions.

What is included:
5 Hours – Lecture
2 Hours – Live Q&A with Erika Bloom + Erika Bloom Instructors

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Advanced Education Workshop: Scoliosis

Dates: Recordings available June 29th Live Q&A: TBA
Cost: $500
Instructors: Elizabeth Harding, Kathleen Dalton, Briana Giordano, and Kit McDaniels

Taught by Erika Bloom Instructors, this workshop will teach you to consider the causes, symptoms and treatment of scoliosis. In this virtual workshop, you will learn from how to enhance your programming for clients to include optimal movement and exercises to support and restore function.

What is included:
5 Hours – Lecture
2 Hours – Live Q&A with Erika Bloom + Erika Bloom Instructors

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Instagram Live Complimentary Classes

Instagram Live Schedule

Pilates Mat Classes with Erika Bloom – Tuesday’s & Thursday’s at 1:00pm EST
Check our LIVE Schedule Instagram highlight story for additional live classes, how to get the props we will be using, guests we’ll be having, and how to join in on the community conversation.