price list

Gift cards are available in all denominations to be used towards any of our services or in our boutique. Prices do not include tax.

private services - manhattan

Pilates$140/hr10-session pkg. $1250 ($125/hr)
25-session pkg. $3000 ($120/hr)
50-session pkg. $5500 ($110/hr)
Pilates Duet$95/hr per person 10-session pkg. $900 ($90/hr)
25-session pkg. $2125 ($85/hr)
Pilates Consultation with Erika Bloom $300/hr
Pre/Postnatal Pilates$140/hr
MeditationPrice upon Request
Pre/Postnatal Yoga $140/hr

bodywork - manhattan

Thai Yoga Massage$180/hr
Craniosacral Therapy$160/hr
Deep Tissue Massage$160/hr
Rolfing $275/90 minutes
Holistic Health CounselingPrice upon Request

in-home services - manhattan

Pilates In-Home$170/hr10-session pkg. $1600 ($160/hr)
25-session pkg. $3750 ($150/hr)
Pilates Duet In-Home$110/hr 10-session pkg. $1000 ($100/hr)
Pilates with Erika Bloom In-Home$350/hr
Pre/Postnatal Pilates$170/hr10-session pkg. $1600 ($160/hr)
Thai Yoga Massage $210/hr
Custom Massage $190/hr
Traveling Instructors$1000/day plus all travel and accommodations
Custom Group Class$400/hr10-session pkg. $3000 ($300/hr)

private services -hamptons

Pilates$140/hr10-session pkg. $1300 ($130/hr)
25-session pkg. $3000 ($120/hr)
Pilates Duet
$95/hr per person10-session pkg. $900 ($90/hr)
25-session pkg. $2125 ($85/hr)
Pilates with Erika Bloom$300
$190/hr10-session pkg. $1800 ($180/hr)
25-session pkg. $4250 ($170/hr)
Pilates Duet
$110/hr per person10-session pkg. $1000 ($100)
AcupuncturePrice upon Request
Custom Group Class $400
Price upon Request
Yoga Duet
Price upon Request

private services - greenwich, ct

Pilates$130/hr10-session pkg. $1200 ($120/hr)
25-session pkg. $2500
50-session pkg. $4750
Pilates Duet$85/hr per person10-session pkg. $800

in-home services - los angeles

Pilates In-Home$160/hr10-session pkg. $1400 ($140/hr)
Pilates Duet In-Home$90/hr10-session pkg. $850 ($85/hr)

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