A body conditioning method developed over 80 years ago by Joseph H. Pilates, this complete exercise system strengthens the muscles while lengthening them. Movements are low-impact and are done in a sequence with few repetitions, emphasizing form and alignment. Pilates focuses on the ‘core’, the muscles of the back and stomach, and also targets the intrinsic, supporting muscles to give a long, lean physique. The movements are integrated with the breathe and emphasis is placed on focus so that the mind becomes more in tune with the body, creating a connection that can be carried out of the studio to improve grace, balance, and focus in daily life.

At Erika Bloom Pilates, our Pilates teaching is rooted in the traditions of Joseph Pilates but with an added emphasis on the individuality of each client. No one will be given a generic Pilates ‘routine’. Each person’s strengths and goals will be taken into consideration so that the instructor can truly aid all clients to perform each exercise properly and to reach individual goals. Our personalization allows one to become in tune with their body, to progress more quickly, and to maximize time exercising.

Most women in the decade from mid-forties to mid-fifties start to feel their age in their bodies, but for me the trajectory of this past decade has been the opposite: I feel like my body is getting younger and stronger. My aches and pains are diminishing, range of motion is increasing, posture is growing more erect with less effort. The improvements aren’t limited to our work in your studio: every activity, from tennis, walking around town and even the emotional/mental realm, benefits from the work I’ve done with you and members of your talented, well-trained team. – Debi Harnik, Client

At Erika Bloom we teach our Pilates programs using the anatomical concept of ‘neutral spine’. Having a true understanding of this alignment will be the biggest gift you take with you from Pilates. Like a carpenter using a weight on a string to find a straight line, proper alignment allows the rest of the body to hang freely, giving us ease of body in walking, sitting and other forms of exercise. Neutral spine Pilates will reduce suffering of chronic pain, and is the basis of Pilates reshaping the body. The neutral spine position is different for each person and so having an experienced, knowledgeable instructor is key to getting the benefits.

All of our teachers have completed a 500+ hour Pilates mat and apparatus certification as well as training classes at Erika Bloom including ‘Understanding Neutral Spine’ and ‘Muscle and Postural Imbalance Assessment and Correction’. In addition, many of our teachers have certifications in Injury Rehabilitation, Pre and Postnatal, and Protocols of Osteoporosis. We will personally match you with the instructor that can best guide you to reach your individual goals.

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