holistic health counseling

Learn how to feel and look your best, improve your happiness and health and increase your energy each and every day with the help of our expert holistic health counselors.

At Erika Bloom Pilates Plus we believe a holistic approach to life brings together both nutrition and other essential forms of nourishment, including open and honest relationships with yourself and others, life pursuits that inspire you, and physical activity that you enjoy.

Our counselors are highly trained to help you survey each of these aspects and aid you in making truly life-transforming alterations whether your goals are weight loss, increased energy and happiness or overall well-being.

your monthly program includes:

  • 2 one-hour-long sessions of holistic health counseling
  • Handpicked health and wellness materials such as food diaries, books and handouts
  • Phone or e-mail support between sessions
  • Sessions may also involve exercise, health food store tours, menu planning and various product samples such as nutritional supplements or self care products
Pilates genius… Bloom teaches your muscles how to maximize movements ensuring that your body will be bikini ready.” – Vogue

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