• The Daily Front Row

    Precision Pilates (August 2015) What prompted the opening of your East Hampton studio? When I had my bounding, joyful, curious children, I knew they n...

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    How to Workout Without Getting out of Bed (March 2015) Eight moves to tone up all over using only your mattress as resistance. The full workout and ar...

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  • Beauty & Well Being

    Erika Bloom Pilates (October 2014) 10/8/14 Erika Bloom Pilates BY CLÉMENCE VON MUEFFLING Ready for a longer and leaner you? Ready to finally improve ...

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  • Harper’s Bazaar

    The Ultimate Hot Weather Workout (August 2014) Five moves to slim your body down even when it’s sweltering.

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  • Luxe

    Weekend Guide: Beauty Mark (Summer 2014) Dianne Vavra, Senior Vice President of Dior Beauty Press Relations, counts Erika Bloom Pilates as her favorit...

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  • Greenwich

    Chic & Strong (August 2014) Erika Bloom has everyone – from Hollywood starletes to NFL tough guys – in the palm of her hand.

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  • Vanity Fair

    Agenda (July 2014) Erika Bloom Pilates and Lulitonix partner in Bloom’s East Hampton studio this summer.

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  • New York Times

    Punch, Crunch, and Plié (March 2014) Piloxing an exercise class that uses Pilates, boxing, and dance gains popularity. Erika Bloom weighs in.

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