pre and postnatal pilates

Postnatal Pilates and Yoga

Congratulations on the birth of your baby! Now it is time to get your body looking and feeling fit again. Postnatal Pilates or Yoga is designed to help you strengthen your pelvic floor, abdominal and deep postural muscles, and to help you regain your pre-pregnancy fitness and energy. Specific emphasis is placed on improving body mechanics, proper posture and lifting techniques so you can return to your little one refreshed and recharged.

Exercise during pregnancy has been shown to reduce discomfort, ease the challenges of labor, and shorten post-partum recovery time. Our experienced instructors will lead you through pregnancy specific exercises to help you stay toned, stretched, and centered during your second and third trimesters. Doctor’s approval required.

Most women in the decade from mid-forties to mid-fifties start to feel their age in their bodies, but for me the trajectory of this past decade has been the opposite: I feel like my body is getting younger and stronger. My aches and pains are diminishing, range of motion is increasing, posture is growing more erect with less effort. The improvements aren’t limited to our work in your studio: every activity, from tennis, walking around town and even the emotional/mental realm, benefits from the work I’ve done with you and members of your talented, well-trained team. – Debi Harnik, Client

Yoga for Fertility

For women who are on a journey toward trying to have a baby and are experiencing difficulty or are looking to enhance and support their pregnancy. Be guided by our fertility experts in asana specifically designed to increase blood flow to the abdominal organs and broaden the pelvis to support healthy life energy there. This mild practice will help reduce stress and bodily tension and create space in the body for new life to develop and grow. Doctor’s approval required.

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