about erika

Erika Bloom has been studying Pilates for 20 years and teaching in New York City for close to 15 years. A former professional dancer, she performed internationally with various ballet and modern dance companies for almost 10 years.

In addition to Pilates, Erika has studied many holistic body methods including Klein, Alexander, Feldenkrais, and yoga. She brings her knowledge of these methods and her experience with the body through dance into her teaching. Since leaving the dance world, Erika has embraced athletics and has found this varied knowledge instrumental in helping a wide range of clients.

Erika’s certifications include Pilates Mat, 500+ hour Pilates Apparatus, Protocols of Osteoporosis, Muscle Imbalance Assessment and Correction, Nutrition, and Gait Analysis through the Physical Mind Institute. She is certified in Postnatal and baby yoga through Jyothi Larson and is a certified Yoga Therapist through Arturo Peal and Cheri Clampett. She also has extensive training and clinical experience in scoliosis correction, injury rehabilitation and prevention, fascia massage and Rolfing, spinal manipulation, and sports conditioning.

Erika Bloom, founder and owner of Erika Bloom Pilates, knows bodies. She can spot a weakness or imbalance at a glance and has the experience to rectify the situation, which explains why frequenters of her airy, bright studio feel they’re in such good hands. Bloom customizes programs to suit each client based on any irregularities detected during a personal evaluation of posture and movement patterns. The result is a finely tuned, individualized workout that focuses on lengthening, strengthening, and alignment. In short, it does wonders.” – Gotham Magazine

Erika studied Pilates with master teachers Doris Hall, Lesley Powell, Shelley Studenberg and Kuan Hui Chew as well as anatomy with expert Irene Dowd. She holds a bachelor’s degree magna cum laude in both dance theory and performance and in mathematics. Erika also completed post-baccalaureate studies in pre-medicine. This knowledge gives her the ability to analyze and solve the bodies’ intricacies, decoding movement patterns and misalignments, and is a great balance to the creative approach inherent to her as a dancer.

Erika has worked with many athletes, dancers, and celebrities, as well as those young, old, injured and healthy. She is thrilled to be able to bring her teaching to the clients of Erika Bloom Pilates.

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